Japanese Islamic Clothing

Breath traditional religious bersua wealth creating unique, especially when combined with a culture of other nations. Iva Latifah try menyuguhkannya Ni Youkoso via Indonesia.

Of the themes are presented, we can directly know the culture of the country which became inspired collection this designer home Bandung. Yes, Japan seems to captivate Iva for design in 2009.

This is clearly shown through the games of kimono and clothing that are typical Samurai "icons" of Sakura.

"This collection is inspired from the aesthetic value of culture in Asia, especially Indonesia and Japan. Menuangkannya I wear a mix of traditional Japanese motifs traditional Indonesian batik," said Iva, after presentation.

Iva start with the presentation kimono exhibit series. The difference, Iva kimono style dressing gown is not like the Japanese Geisha and long flake, but combined with shorter and have the fabric straight. Both are made from clothing batik cloth, or sometimes combined with silk. Iva include OBI color contrast as a garnish. At the back there is a large corsage which became the center of attention.

Collection Anyar besutan woman who has boutiques in the area of the Holy, Bandung, this is really interesting. In fact, can be spelled inspiring. A new approach that would suggest that Islamic clothing CLOTHING parallel with non Muslims. But unfortunately, Iva design still feels raw, despite the concept of disajikannya quite well.

Iva collection than before, a series of Indonesian clothing Ni Youkoso feels less flexible. Even less visible ribet and wearable. In fact, in terms of appearance, Iva collection is very harmonious. Games contrast color on the stage to make batik cloth feels alive, while the accessory Floral "inherent" in the model back into the chimney off the word unique.

Beyond that, Iva may still have to consider the practical busananya. Fortunately this lack dibayarnya then. Replace the rows of batik kimono, Iva serve sweet multiformity tunik adapted from the actual style of clothing style Samurai.

Clothes-colored loose-fitting dark clothes that often used to hide the Samurai sword, "disulap" to tunik-tunik ethnic contemporary style. However, in this phase, Iva not play too many colors. He uses more natural palette that will be fixed according to him are color throughout 2009.

Therefore, please do not find the color that usually decorate Iva performance. Instead, the head of the Islamic Association Designer Clothing West Java this line shows the ground color, including brown, beige, terakota, and marun. As pencerah, Iva bring a rainbow through the accessories, whether it be necklaces, corsage, or even a shawl.

To prevent the impression monoton, Iva also play form. Occasionally long switch short kimono, create siluet similar gamis. Here, once again showed kepiawaiannya process Iva motif. Indonesian traditional batik patterns dikombinasikannya at the same time, create a unique look, especially in contrast with the OBI as accessories. Tuniknya is not only bersiluet A or H. Even in some of the collections, Iva experiment with style Archery disamarkan through a ruffle. As a garnish, add a ribbon Iva's ethnic scarf pattern.

Islamic clothing trends that point to 2009-style clothing islamic Middle East is not simply abandoned Iva. He menuangkannya through gamis multicorak combined with the abaya or robe. Iva is also apparently still adhere to understand islamic clothing layered multilayer alias that is able to give elegant impression.

Islamic clothingnya complete at this time, the jilbab Iva deliberately shaped turban. Close the head coil formed from this cloth, according to Iva, be appropriate for a collection, as well as a way to display the colors other than accessories.

"In addition to more practical, of the wind in the head is also close to bring their unique, in a sense be able to bring the exotic, especially in the islamic clothing," Iva call, which is often used as a turban or veil jilbab.

Kiki Amalia: Eliminate Image cewek Sexy with Berhijab

Movie D3 graduates Management London Business School in Jakarta, this decision does not mind if Muslims clothing, hijab, has no influence on his career in the entertainment world.

According to Kiki, the provision is in the hands of God. If his career in the world is to lift themselves after wearing hijab, she received. "Toh, a provision will not entertain the world aja," he said.

Kiki wants berbusana Muslims become movie stars is the purpose of this long chain of the Earth. Former boyfriend Hengky Kurniawan admit this sensual and sexy, with a mischievous disandangnya picture.

"I am grateful that at a high ngikutin than I wear hijab, soalnya I ngerasa or women wearing the hijab was beautiful," said the Islamic religious sinetron stars Bidayah this divine law and confidential.

It is known as sinetron and film on the big screen, also known as the model. He began a career through the election Cover Girl Aneka magazine in 1995. In 2000, won the Femina Kiki face, a direct mengatrol his career in the entertainment world.

Women born in Jakarta on November 26, 1981, the star has a number of television ads, followed by the appearance of a number of sinetron, as Legend mystery Wewe Gombel, Bule Betawi, Jodoh What Will bodoh, youth and magic

Experimental Muslim Clothing

Indeed, design clothes Muslims never separated from the fashion world. Clothing Muslim two layers can be an alternative you look, such as blazer, skirt or blouse that seemed more elegant.

Details of sowing payet clothing or other decoration can sweeten your appearance. Style Japan, India and Oriental dressing can be displayed in Muslim clothing, such as insect motifs, flowers, snow or bamboo.

Clothing Muslim style kimono can be displayed with komninasi two or three layers and has a width of arms in addition to detail lace, embroidery overslag and bertabur payet.

View Muslim Clothing with embroidery and embroidery motif through the diaplikasi flower essence of India that are presented with a snippet of a more modern. Siluet more ditonjolkan body through the silk organdi selected.

Pour the vibrant colors of the dressing in clothing that Muslims dihiasai embroidery, mote ataupu payet a colored light senada such as yellow, orange and red. Because the Muslims not only in clothes black and white only to realize the elegance of the user.

Want to show the style of clothing with the color composition of a game ala Asian women? No one lho, you dominasikan cooked with the skin Sawo Muslim clothing to look more fancy, simple and trendy.

For active women, Muslims can choose clothing to reflect the simple energetic himself. Although the style has a sporty and dynamic but you can still show the feminim. With the use of Muslim clothing of cotton shirt, linen or Velvet alternative style can be combined with a sporty denim that does not monoton.

Accents lipitan shirt collar and cuff can be an alternative for you in order to appear more beautiful and interesting. Abstract style of the lines on the ditonjolkan clothing and hand embroidery are also sweeten your clothes.
Berbusana in the experiment, no one. Like the dress, long coat, jacket and shirt with trousers or skirt-style ethnic nan simple. At least, over a series of mix you can be a reference to appear beautiful when wear Muslim Fashion.

Indonesia Muslim Clothing Trends

Muslim Clothing no longer serve only as a cover genitals, but also as ornaments for its appearance in front of Allah SWT and fellow human beings.

Clothing Muslims and Muslim now become even more popular cultural wealth of the nation of Indonesia. Together with neighboring Malaysia, Indonesia to barometer mode Muslim clothing, and recognized by the international diapresiasi.

lndustri Muslim clothing lndonesia is determined by the creativity of fashion designers (fashion designer). Clothing designer lkatan Muslim (IPBM) West Java regularly every year for the Milad displaying the latest creations of the members.

Themes for the design of a variety of cultural property from batik, songkets, glove, and others. Style of design is tailored to the needs of users, both for the day-to-day style casual or formal and special events such as weddings and parties.

Book "Trends Clothing Muslim Indonesia" contains dozens of design ideas from designers IPBM, which you can select and take advantage of the collection to add a Muslim, your clothes.