Kiki Amalia: Eliminate Image cewek Sexy with Berhijab

Movie D3 graduates Management London Business School in Jakarta, this decision does not mind if Muslims clothing, hijab, has no influence on his career in the entertainment world.

According to Kiki, the provision is in the hands of God. If his career in the world is to lift themselves after wearing hijab, she received. "Toh, a provision will not entertain the world aja," he said.

Kiki wants berbusana Muslims become movie stars is the purpose of this long chain of the Earth. Former boyfriend Hengky Kurniawan admit this sensual and sexy, with a mischievous disandangnya picture.

"I am grateful that at a high ngikutin than I wear hijab, soalnya I ngerasa or women wearing the hijab was beautiful," said the Islamic religious sinetron stars Bidayah this divine law and confidential.

It is known as sinetron and film on the big screen, also known as the model. He began a career through the election Cover Girl Aneka magazine in 1995. In 2000, won the Femina Kiki face, a direct mengatrol his career in the entertainment world.

Women born in Jakarta on November 26, 1981, the star has a number of television ads, followed by the appearance of a number of sinetron, as Legend mystery Wewe Gombel, Bule Betawi, Jodoh What Will bodoh, youth and magic

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